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Flatbed Trucking

When you are looking for flatbed trucking and carriers look no further. We have the expertise and the knowledge to get your equipment to it’s location in a timely and efficient manner.
We have served this region for over 16 years so we know the needs of local transport and the legals necessary to complete  your job. When you call to ask for a quote we know you already need the job done. We  can provide a “real” competitive quote that we can get in less than 24 hrs.
We are in the business of saving shippers significant money  on their flatbed trucking needs. Most of the time we are able to get you the absolute best quote available in as little as one hour by communicating with both the pick up an delivery side of the job.  With Pioneer Trucking  you only need to make one phone call and we’ll handle the rest of the work for you and call back with a rate that is reasonable and affordable.

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